Nigel Denby, Dietitian and Weight Management Consultant: NO PILLS, NO SURGERY, NO FADS – just healthy, happy, permanent weight management.

Nigel Denby, Dietitian and weight management consultant provides a personally tailored, weight loss programme.  His specialist support and coaching is all designed with one aim in mind – to help you reach your weight management goals and keep you there.

Nigel says “For some people, being in control of their weight is the only area of their life they appear unable to manage. I’ve never worked with anyone who’s overweight simply because they are greedy or lazy. It’s never that simple.

Your lifestyle, your learned behaviours, your way of dealing with stress and your previous experience of dieting means that one way or another the balance between energy in and energy out needs to change. Quick fixes don’t last, the only way to achieve permanent weight control is to make changes to your lifestyle that you can maintain for a lifetime.

Change is not comfortable; it requires some effort until it becomes the norm. Nigel has worked with hundreds of men and women to design personalised weight management programmes,  putting them in control of their weight. Nigel says “every element of your programme will be geared towards providing you with the confidence, strategies and support you need to make the change for good. I’ll be with you every step of the way!”

You’ll work with Nigel to develop YOUR programme built around YOUR lifestyle. You’ll decide how you want to be supported throughout your programme. You can combine face to face meetings, email, text and telephone and Skype support.

  • No gimmicks
  • No quick fixes
  • No crazy diets
  • Just permanent weight management designed around you

To arrange for Nigel Denby to telephone you and discuss your needs contact Lees Place Medical Centre on 020 7036 6060

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About Nigel Denby

Nigel Denby is a registered Dietitian, Author of ten successful nutrition books and a broadcaster across television and Radio both in the UK and across Europe. Dietitian of the Year 2013, Nigel writes on nutrition issues across health professional and consumer media including The Sunday Telegraph, Woman and Home and Complete Nutrition.

Nigel Denby is registered with the Health Professions Council and is a member of The British Dietetic Association.

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